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Why are there desert regions around 30 n s?

Why are there desert regions around 30 n s?

With warm air rising above the equator and the cooled air falling to the north and south, two circular patterns of air movement are created around the equator. At 30 to 50 degrees north and south of the equator, this falling air makes dry air drier. It also turns the land below it into a desert.

Why is the desert region so hot?

Deserts are hot primarily because of a lack of water. When the sun shines on the ground, all of the absorbed sunlight goes into raising the ground’s temperature. DESERTS ARE COLD AT NIGHT:Because of the lack of water in the ground, and little water vapor in the air, most deserts can get quite cool at night.

What are the problems faced by desert people?

Human exploitation of fragile ecosystems can lead to the droughts and arid conditions characteristic of desertification. Effects include land degradation, soil erosion and sterility, and a loss of biodiversity, with huge economic costs for nations where deserts are growing.

What causes an area to become a desert?

A lack of precipitation is actually what defines an area as a desert, and there are several factors that can cause this. One of the most prominent causes is the blocking of precipitation by nearby mountain ranges.

Why is there so little rain in deserts?

Due to intense heat, rain is known to evaporate in hot and dry deserts before it can even reach the ground. Many semiarid deserts get so little rain because tall mountain ranges prevent precipitation from reaching these drier regions. The soil is significantly more absorbent in coastal deserts and therefore, better at supporting plant life.

Where are most of the deserts on Earth located?

The region containing most deserts on Earth takes several names, including the Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn and the horse latitudes. In these regions, the sun follows a high orbital path.

Why are the Middle East and North Africa deserts?

Why Are The Middle East And North Africa Deserts? Deserts are areas of land that immediately evoke thoughts of vast sand dunes, unbearable heat, a baking sun and parched lands. They can be found on every continent and come in all shapes and sizes. Deserts are actually a subclassification of a more encompassing ecosystem called “drylands”.