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Who was the king of New Spain?

Who was the king of New Spain?

New Spain

Viceroyalty of New Spain Virreinato de Nueva España
• 1521–1556 Charles I (first)
• 1813–1821 Ferdinand VII (last)

Did Vikings settle in Portugal?

More than 200 years of Viking presence in the land, documented in that time by the peoples that inhabited the Iberian Peninsula. But the Vikings also colonised territories, such as modern Povoa de Varzim in northern Portugal, and left many decendents in other places.

Did the Vikings make it to Spain?

After raiding the coasts of what is now Spain and Portugal, a Viking fleet arrived in Išbīliya (nowadays Seville) through the Guadalquivir on 25 September, and took the city on 1 or 3 October. The Vikings pillaged the city and the surrounding areas. Seville was retaken, and the remnants of the Vikings fled Spain.

Did Vikings go to Africa?

(Norwegians settled in Scotland.) England wasn’t the only place where the Vikings made themselves known: they sailed as far south as North Africa, as far west as Canada, and into the Middle East, Russia, France, and Spain (see a map).

Who was the king of the Vikings in England?

Cnut the Great: England’s Viking King The son of Denmark’s King Svein Forkbeard, Cnut (or Canute) helped his father conquer England in 1013. However, when Svein died the next year, the exiled Anglo-Saxon king, Aethelred the Unready, returned to power.

How old is the King of Spain now?

It is the first royal transition in Spain since democracy was restored in the 1970s. The new king, 46, swore an oath promising to uphold the constitution. The speaker of the lower house of parliament, Jesus Posada, then proclaimed him king, declaring: “Long live Spain! Long live the king!”

Who was sworn in as King of Spain?

Media captionHighlights from the day as Spain’s King Felipe VI is sworn in as head of state.

Who is the head of state of Spain?

Media captionHighlights from the day as Spain’s King Felipe VI is sworn in as head of state. King Felipe VI has called for “a new Spain that we will build together” after being proclaimed head of state in a ceremony in parliament. Earlier, King Felipe received the royal sash from his father, Juan Carlos, at the Zarzuela Palace near Madrid.