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Which country is magnesia?

Which country is magnesia?

Magnesia (regional unit)

Magnesia Περιφερειακή ενότητα Μαγνησίας
Country Greece
Region Thessaly
Capital Volos

What is the population of Larissa Greece?

Larissa (/ləˈrɪsə/; Greek: Λάρισα, Lárisa, [ˈlarisa]) is the capital and largest city of the Thessaly region in Greece. It is the fifth-most populous city in Greece with a population of 144,651 according to the 2011 census (181,713 est. 2018).

What does Prefecture mean in Greece?

The prefectures were the second-degree organization of local government, grouped into 13 regions or (before 1987) 10 geographical departments, and in turn divided into provinces and comprising a number of communities and municipalities.

When should I take milk of magnesia?

A dose of milk of magnesia for constipation includes a glass of water. In liquid form, the dosage to relieve constipation for people 12 years and older is 2 to 4 tablespoons, usually taken at bedtime, followed by at least 8 ounces of water. For an upset stomach, take 1 to 3 tablespoons, up to four times a day.

Was Achilles from Larissa?

Saint Achillius of Larissa, also known as Achilles, Ailus, Achillas, or Achilius (Greek: Άγιος Αχίλλειος) (died 330 AD), was one of the 318 persons present at the First Council of Nicaea. His feast day is on 15 May.

What is the Prefecture of Athens?

The Athens Prefecture (Greek: Νομαρχία Αθηνών) was one of the prefectures of Greece. It was part of the Attica region and the Athens-Piraeus super-prefecture. The capital of the prefecture was the city of Athens….Athens Prefecture.

Athens Νομαρχία Αθηνών
Capital Athens
• Total 361 km2 (139 sq mi)
Area rank 53rd

Does Greece have counties?

The country is divided into 13 first-level administrative divisions called peripheries (Greek: περιφέρειες), a kind of regions or provinces.

Which is better MiraLAX or Milk of Magnesia?

However, another study in the analysis found that milk of magnesia may be more effective. Guidelines for treating constipation in children recommend MiraLAX as a first choice for short- and long-term treatment of constipation. Milk of magnesia is considered a second-choice option.