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Where did Cyclone Larry hit in Australia?

Where did Cyclone Larry hit in Australia?

north Queensland coast
Summary. Severe Tropical Cyclone Larry crossed the tropical north Queensland coast near Innisfail during the morning of Monday 20 March 2006.

What places did Cyclone Larry affect?

Far North Queensland
Cyclone Larry/Affected areas

Where was Cyclone Larry formed?

Tropical Cyclone Larry formed off the northeastern coast of Australia on March 18, 2006, but built strength rapidly.

What parts of Australia are affected by cyclones?

In an average season, tropical cyclones are mostly experienced in northwest Australia between Exmouth and Broome in Western Australia and in northeast Queensland between Port Douglas and Maryborough.

What was the cost of Cyclone Larry?

Throughout Queensland, Cyclone Larry resulted in roughly AU$1.5 billion (US$1.1 billion) in damage. At the time, this made Larry the costliest tropical cyclone to ever impact Australia; surpassing Cyclone Tracy in 1974 (not accounting for inflation).

What did Cyclone Larry destroy?

The cyclone destroyed 80–90% of Australia’s banana crop. Australia is relatively free of banana pests and diseases, and therefore does not allow bananas to be imported. Bananas were in short supply throughout Australia for the remainder of 2006, which increased prices across the country by 400–500%.

Has there ever been a Category 5 cyclone?

They are by definition the strongest tropical cyclones that can form on Earth. The latest system to be classified as a Category 5 severe tropical cyclone was Veronica, which was classified during 21 March 2019 as it approached Western Australia.

When did Cyclone Larry hit the North Queensland coast?

Summary Severe Tropical Cyclone Larry crossed the tropical north Queensland coast near Innisfail during the morning of 20 March, 2006. Major damage to homes and other buildings was caused by Larry as well as extensive damage to local crops.

What was the cost of Cyclone Larry 3?

Facts about Cyclone Larry 3: the damaged cost. The damage cost of Cyclone Larry was around $1.1 billion USD or A$1.5 billion for the areas affected around Queensland, Australia. Due to the high cost of damage, the record of Cyclone Tracy which took place in Australia in 1974 was surpassed by Cyclone Larry.

Where was the eye of Tropical Cyclone Larry?

The eye of the cyclone made landfall near Innisfail around daybreak on Monday 20 March. A marked variation in wind gusts was observed, both in a spatial sense and across elevated terrain. This was clearly evidenced by varying levels of damage across relatively small distances.

Where was the hardest hit city in Cyclone Larry?

Hardest hit was the sugar-growing town of Innisfail, a farming city of 8,500 people 60 miles south of the tourist city of Cairns in northeastern Queensland state.