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What was the primary goal of the suffragists?

What was the primary goal of the suffragists?

Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton form the National Woman Suffrage Association. The primary goal of the organization is to achieve voting rights for women by means of a Congressional amendment to the Constitution.

What was the main goal of the women’s rights movement during the Progressive Era?

Progressive Era women reformers launched state and national programs like pensions for mothers and state aid for widows. They advocated for the end of child labor and unsafe working conditions.

What progressive reforms did suffragists support?

By the beginning of the new century, women’s clubs in towns and cities across the nation were working to promote suffrage, better schools, the regulation of child labor, women in unions, and liquor prohibition.

What happened with women’s suffrage during the Progressive Era?

In the Progressive era, 1870-1920, Womens suffrage became a huge priority for women during this time; especially for the right to vote. This particular group urged for the women’s right to vote and they even urged for non-discrimination against women regarding pay and employment and even towards easier divorces.

How did the American Civil War contribute to women’s suffrage movement?

During the Civil War, reformers focused on the war effort rather than organizing women’s rights meetings. Many woman’s rights activists supported the abolition of slavery, so they rallied to ensure that the war would end this inhumane practice. Some women’s rights activists, like Clara Barton, served as nurses.

What lasting impact did the women’s movement have on society?

Economically and socially both movements gained women more rights/privileges. For instance, economically they achieved a greater variety in job choices and higher salaries. As for social, both movements were able to help society see women as strong, hardworking individuals.

What was the goal of the Progressive Movement?

Which long-awaited goal of the women’s rights movement was achieved during the Progressive Era? 1. right to vote 2. right to own property 3. equal pay for equal work 4. equal access to employment and education

What did muckrakers do during the Progressive Era?

During the Progressive Era, muckrakers published articles and novels primarily to 1. advance their own political careers 2. make Americans aware of problems in society 3. help the federal government become more efficient 4. provide entertainment for readers…

What was the goal of the women’s suffrage movement?

Prohibited any United States citizen from being denied the right to vote because of gender.

What was the Federal Reserve System during the Progressive Movement?

Federal Reserve System During which period in United States history were the amendments concerning the income tax, direct election of Senators. Prohibition, and women’s suffrage enacted?