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What percentage of the US population is Italian?

What percentage of the US population is Italian?

six percent
Over 15.7 million people in the United States identify themselves as Italian Americans. They constitute nearly six percent (6%) of the U.S. population. Italian Americans are the nation’s fourth largest European ancestry group after the Germans, Irish and English.

Where do the Italians live?

In 2017, in addition to the approximately 55 million Italians in Italy (91% of the Italian national population), Italian-speaking autonomous groups are found in neighboring nations; about a half million are in Switzerland, as well as in France, the entire population of San Marino, and there are smaller groups in …

Where are the most Italians in the United States?

# Location (# Zip Codes) Population % Italians National Rank 1. Shoup, Idaho (1) 15 100.00 % #1 2. Mount Hamilton, California (1) 35 100.00 % #2 3. Valley Ford, California (1) 60 73.68 % #3 4. Montchanin, Delaware (1) 38 69.23 % #4

Where are the Italian American neighborhoods in New York?

1 Rockaway 2 Rutherford 3 Sea Isle City Fish Alley 4 Secaucus 5 Toms River (22.6% Italian American) 6 Trenton South Trenton 7 Ventnor City (22.8% Italian American) 8 Verona 9 Vineland (22.8% Italian American) 10 West New York

Where can I find data on Italian Americans?

The ACS subdivides national data into geographic Regions, Divisions, States, Metropolitan Areas and Counties. Data on “Ancestry” (i.e. national origin; e.g. Italy) is available for each geographic category. This second series’ report provides the data about Italian Americans for the Regions, Divisions, States and Metropolitan Areas.

Which is the best city to live in Italy?

Now, let’s take a look at 11 of the most beautiful cities in Italy to live: 1. Verona As you may know, Verona was the infamous & romantic home city of Romeo and Juliet. However, you need not be familiar with Shakespeare to appreciate this incredibly historic city.