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What percent of Mexico is below poverty line?

What percent of Mexico is below poverty line?

In 2018, approximately 6.6 percent of the Mexican population were living on less than 3.20 U.S. dollars per day, down from 12.8 percent of the country’s inhabitants in 2010. Furthermore, it is estimated that over 52 million people were living in poverty in Mexico in 2018.

What percentage of Mainers live below the poverty line?

10.9 percent
Maine – poverty rate 2000-2019 In 2019, about 10.9 percent of Maine’s population lived below the poverty line.

What are the 3 poorest states in Mexico?

Mexican states

Rank State Poverty Rate (2010)
1 Chiapas 78.5%
2 Guerrero 67.6%
3 Puebla 61.5%
4 Oaxaca 67.0%

How many people live in extreme poverty in Mexico?

Extreme poverty is defined by the Mexican government as deficiencies in both social rights and incomes lower than the “well being income line”. Additional figures from SEDESOL (Mexico’s social development agency) estimate that 6% of the population (7.4 million people) lives in extreme poverty and suffers from food insecurity.

How many people live below the poverty line?

Country Comparison > Population below poverty line Rank Country Population below poverty line (%) 1 Syria 82.5 2 Zimbabwe 72.3 3 Madagascar 70.7 4 Sierra Leone 70.2

How many people live on less than$ 2 a day in Mexico?

About 8.5 million residents of Mexico or about 7 percent of the population need to live on less than $2 a day. Mexico is experiencing an unbalanced distribution of wealth where the richest part of the population has nearly 14 times more money than the poorest one.

How is the government trying to reduce poverty in Mexico?

Despite these changes, Mexico continues to suffer great social inequality and lack of opportunities. The current administration has made an attempt at reducing poverty in the country by providing more professional and educational opportunities to its citizens, as well as establishing a universal healthcare.