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What is the most populated county in Oklahoma?

What is the most populated county in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma County
Looking for a list of cities, counties or zips in Oklahoma?

Rank County Population
1 Oklahoma County 787,216
2 Tulsa County 646,419
3 Cleveland County 279,274
4 Canadian County 140,455

What is the oldest county in Oklahoma?

McIntosh County
McIntosh County ranks as the oldest county in Oklahoma. The typical county resident is 47.8 years old, well above the median age across the state of 36.6. Of the 19,725 people living in McIntosh County, 25.2% are 65 or older and 20.1% are under age 18.

What is the motto of Oklahoma?

Labor omnia vincit

What is the highest point in Oklahoma?

Black Mesa
The high- est elevation (4,973 ft) in Oklahoma is on Black Mesa, in the north- west corner of the Panhandle; the lowest elevation (287 ft) is where Little River flows into Arkansas, near the southeast corner of the State.

What is the race population in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Population by Race According to 2017 demographics estimates population of Oklahoma by race are, 72.6% are White Americans, 7.3% are Black Americans, 10.1% are Hispanic/Latino’s, 7.5% are American Indian and Alaska Natives(AIAN), 2% are Asians and around 0.1% are NHPI.

Which is the largest city in the state of Oklahoma?

With a population of 579,999 individuals, Oklahoma City is Oklahoma’s largest city. It is also the state capital and the county seat of Oklahoma County.

What are the names of the counties in Oklahoma?

Below is a complete list of all the counties in Oklahoma in alphabetical order. Adair County Alfalfa County Atoka County Beaver County Beckham County Blaine County Bryan County Caddo County

What’s the population of the county of Oklahoma?

With a population of 792,582 residents, Oklahoma County has experienced a 9.96% rate of growth since the last census in 2010. Coming up after Oklahoma City in terms of size are Tulsa County (648,360) home to the city of Tulsa, Cleveland County (281,669), Canadian County (114,447), and Comanche County (120,422).

Which is the fastest growing county in Oklahoma?

Since the last U.S. census was taken in 2010, the fastest-growing county in Oklahoma has been Canadian County. With a rate of growth of 24.16%, the population of Canadian County now stands at 144,447.