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What is Jackman Maine known for?

What is Jackman Maine known for?

The area provides attractive fishing and hunting opportunities, canoe trips on the Moose River, and jobs for workers in the logging industry. On the Moose River only 15 miles from the Canadian Province of Quebec, Jackman is the gateway for people visiting Quebec City from Maine.

Why is Jackman the Switzerland of Maine?

Jackman[1] is a town in the Moose River Valley area of Maine. The area is called the “Switzerland of Maine” in local promotional literature as it’s located in the western mountainous part of Maine. It represents an outpost of of humanity in the sea of forest that engulfs the northwestern half of the state.

How did Jackman Maine get its name?

The town of Jackman was named after the Captain. In 1888, the Canadian Pacific Railroad hit town, and the area awoke. The lumbering industry went into high gear in the first part of the twentieth century with the opening of the Kellogg Lumber Company at Long Pond in 1906. Lumbering became the life-blood of the area.

What county is Jackman Maine in?

Somerset County

How far is Jackman Maine from the Canadian border?

Quebec City, Canada is only 115 miles from Jackman and offers plenty of historical sites, and shopping. A passport will be needed beginning 1-1-2008. If you head east of Jackman for 30 minutes you will arrive in a little village called Rockwood which is located on Moosehead Lake.

What is the elevation of Jackman Maine?

419 m

How big is Jackman Maine?

109.9 km²

What’s the zip code for Jackman Maine?

Jackman/Zip codes
Jackman (zip 04945)’s population is 950 people. Since 2010, it has had a population decline of 23.5%.

Is Jackman Maine safe?

Jackman is in the 5th percentile for safety, meaning 95% of cities are safer and 5% of cities are more dangerous. This analysis applies to Jackman’s proper boundaries only. See the table on nearby places below for nearby cities. The rate of crime in Jackman is 86.60 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.