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What is an Irish Christmas tree?

What is an Irish Christmas tree?

A Christmas tree is usually erected in the family home on the first day of the holy advent calendar. In Old Ireland, so to speak, holly and ivy were used to decorate the Irish home. This was before the Christmas tree was introduced. It was believed the more berries on the holly, the better luck in the new year.

Do they celebrate Christmas in Ireland?

In Ireland, we celebrate Christmas Day on December 25th. Christmas Eve, December 24th, is traditionally a day for people to return to their home towns from Dublin or abroad. On the evening of December 24th, families and neighbours get together at home or in local pubs, which normally close early on Christmas Eve.

What are some Christmas traditions in Ireland?

The famous ones…

  • Decorating the house. This is a classic one.
  • Decorating public places.
  • Christmas carols.
  • The Laden table.
  • A candle in the window.
  • The Wren boy procession.
  • Guinness and mince pies for Santy.
  • The Christmas swim.

What do people in Ireland leave out for Santa?

Some Irish families leave a pint of Guinness for Santa on the eve of Christmas. Children usually place the cold beer near the tree to offer Old Saint Nick a quick pick-me-up for the long night ahead.

What’s the difference between Christmas in Ireland and America?

The pop culture surrounding Christmas is quite similar in both countries including elves, Santa, the north pole, reindeer, etc. In Ireland, Christmas decorations are not nearly as elaborate as they are in the US. Usually Irish families will simply put up a tree and refrain from the outdoor lights that Americans love.

Are there any artificial Christmas trees in Ireland?

In the past, artificial Christmas trees were not considered traditional, however, today more and more people are opting for an artificial tree. Here at Rathwood, we have the best selection of artificial trees in Ireland for you and your family to choose from.

How tall should my Irish Christmas tree be?

“Every year we get calls from customers asking ‘have you got a saw?’” laughs John Brennan, owner of Irish Christmas Trees ( The average room has a ceiling height of 2.4m or 8ft so a 7 or 8ft tree is more than adequate unless you’re living in a Georgian or Victorian home.

What kind of tree is a Christmas tree?

Traditional Christmas Trees are natural trees that have been cut down on a Christmas Tree Farm or from its natural location. Many Species have been used for Christmas Trees, see List of Live Christmas Tree Names.