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What is a braided river valley?

What is a braided river valley?

Sediment from landslides and scree filled the river, raising its level. The present river flows on this raised bed in braided channels, resembling the mudflats normally associated with a river mouth.

What do braided rivers carry?

Braided Rivers exhibit numerous channels that split off and rejoin each other to give a braided appearance. They typically carry fairly coarse-grained sediment down a fairly steep gradient. Additionally, the water discharge tends to be highly variable.

Why do braided channel occur?

Braided streams typically get their start when a central sediment bar begins to form in a channel due to reduced streamflow or an increase in sediment load. The central bar causes water to flow into the two smaller cross sections on either side. Given erodible banks, this causes the channels to widen.

Are braided rivers common?

Braided rivers are found in only a few places around the world. They are made up of wide gravel beds and many channels and highly changeable water flow. Braided rivers provide habitat for many special plants and animals.

What makes a river a braided river?

A river that has multiple channels flowing downstream is a braided river. These channels may return to the river, or drain into a common body of water. How are Braided Rivers Formed? Braided river formations are common where water flow is slow and there is a build up of sediment in the river.

Where can you find a braided river delta?

This can occur to form a river delta, which is a form of braided river. Where Can a Braided River Be Found? They can be found in areas where the land is very flat and the river moves slowly. There is usually a buildup of sediment. The water may be shallow with a history of changing its path.

Where does the gravel go in a braided river?

During low flow periods (low cumecs), gravel is dropped and the river ‘braids’ into smaller channels around temporary gravel islands.

Where are braided river channels found in the world?

Braided channels are found in a variety of environments all over the world, including gravelly mountain streams, sand bed rivers, alluvial fans, river deltas, and across depositional plains.