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What does Antoinette mean in English?

What does Antoinette mean in English?

Meaning. praise or highly praiseworthy. Other names. See also. Antoine, Antonietta, Antony, Tony, Antonius, Antonella, Antonia.

How do you spell Antonetta?

Correct spelling for the English word “Antonetta” is [ˌantə͡ʊnˈɛtə], [ˌantə‍ʊnˈɛtə], [ˌa_n_t_əʊ_n_ˈɛ_t_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What does Antionette mean?

Origin:French. Popularity:25181. Meaning:priceless. Antionette as a girl’s name is of French and Latin origin, and the meaning of Antionette is “priceless”. Antionette is a variant of the French and Latin name Antoinette and the Latin name Antonia.

Is Antoinette a biblical name?

Antoinette is baby unisex name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Latin. Antoinette name meanings is Praiseworthy toinette.

Is Antoinette a common name?

Records indicate that 76,352 girls in the United States have been named Antoinette since 1880. The greatest number of people were given this name in 1924, when 1,332 people in the U.S. were given the name Antoinette. Those people are now 97 years old.

Is Antoinette the female version of Anthony?

Origin: The name Anthony comes from the Roman family name Antonius. Gender: Anthony is generally used as a boy’s name. However, feminine variations, such as Antonia and Antoinette, are common for girls.

Where does the name Antonia come from?

Antonia, Antónia, Antônia, or Antonía is a feminine given name and a surname. It is of Roman origin, used as the name of women of the Antonius family. Its meaning is “priceless”, “praiseworthy” and “beautiful”.

Is Antoinette a royal name?

Princess Antoinette was royalty. She holds the title Baroness of Massy. Princess was born as the child of Prince Pierre, Duke of Valentinois, Princess Charlotte, and Duchess of Valentinois on December 28th, 1920 in Paris. She left this life on March 18th, 2011.

What does the name Toni mean for a girl?

Girl name origins & meanings Greek : Flourishing. Latin : Praiseworthy; Feminine form of Anthony. French : Worthy of praise.

Who is the actress with the name Antoinette?

Antoinette Taus – Antoinette Cherish Flores Taus, known as Antoinette Taus, is a Filipino-American television/movie/theater actress, singer, host and commercial model.

How to pronounce Anthony in a different accent?

Record the pronunciation of this word in your own voice and play it to listen to how you have pronounced it. or pronounce in different accent or variation ? Feminine form of Anthony.

What did Antoinette do before World War 1?

Antoinette (manufacturer) – Antoinette was a French manufacturer of light petrol engines. Antoinette also became a pioneer-era builder of aeroplanes before World War I, most notably the record-breaking monoplanes flown

What did Maria Antoinette do in the conclave?

Maria Antoinette would have gone through fire and blood to have rallied those hosts around her banner. The princess was in the family conclave which met to consider an amorous escapade of the Duchesse Antoinette de Langeais. Marie Antoinette read the letter, but not understanding it, twisted it up into a taper and lighted it at her candle.