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What do Tobago people do?

What do Tobago people do?

Here are 10 things to scratch off your Tobago bucket list the next time you touch down.

  • Visit Argyle Waterfall.
  • Goat and crab races.
  • Moriah ole time wedding.
  • Swim in aquatic bliss in Nylon Pool.
  • Go to Little Tobago.
  • Snorkelling.
  • Hike through Main Ridge Forest Reserve.
  • Do an island tour.

Where can you see turtles in Tobago?

There are three prime locations for turtle watching on Tobago, all of them in the Black Rock area on the island’s west coast and subject to strict protection and monitoring. These are Turtle Beach (also known as Courland Bay), Stonehaven Beach and Grafton Beach.

What is the tallest waterfall in Trinidad and Tobago?

At 175 feet (54 meters), Argyle, Tobago’s highest waterfall attracts locals and foreigners to its cascade of cool, crisp water that flows down from three dramatic levels.

When can you see turtles in Tobago?

Turtles are seen by divers and snorkellers all year round in Tobago but another guide, Hans Phillips, said: “They come on to the beaches to nest from March to August. Stonehaven, and Great Courland Bay nearby, are favourite spots for them to lay their eggs.”

Outside of the Main Ridge Forest Reserve, Tobago is home to numerous waterfalls. The most famous, and most visited, is Argyle Waterfall. This is located just outside of Roxborough but does include an entrance fee. It’s beautiful but one of the more popular Tobago tourist attractions so can get busy.

What to see and do in Trinidad and Tobago?

If you want to check out the hidden treasures beneath the surface in the waters, you have to take your fear of water out and experience the beauty. Tobago Underwater Carnival is also held during the summers where you can get a chance to check the hidden beauty underwater. Here is a list with the best diving spots in Trinidad and Tobago . 6.

Where is the best place to dive in Tobago?

The best diving is said to be off the east coast, in the Atlantic, however, Tobago is a small island and dive tours from any part of the island are likely to take you by boat to the same locations. Having said that, if you are looking for the ultimate Tobago dive experience, Speyside is the place to stay.

When is the best time to visit Tobago?

September to May is the best time to visit Tobago for experienced surfers who will find bigger, more powerful waves but if you are a beginner you may prefer the rest of the year. You can find rentals, lessons, camps and anything else you need at this beach.