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What did Martin Perfecto de Cos do in the Texas Revolution?

What did Martin Perfecto de Cos do in the Texas Revolution?

Cos is perhaps best known as a commander of Mexican forces during the Texas Revolution in the 1830s. In September 1835, he was sent by President-General Antonio López de Santa Anna to investigate the refusal of Texians to pay duties during the Anahuac Disturbances.

What did General Cos promise?

That general Cos and his officers retire into the interior of the republic, under parole of honor; that they will not in any way oppose the re-establishment of the federal Constitution of 1824.

Who was COS in the Battle of San Jacinto?

On April 21, 1836, during Texas’ war for independence from Mexico, the Texas militia under Sam Houston (1793-1863) launched a surprise attack against the forces of Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (1794-1876) at the Battle of San Jacinto, near present-day Houston, Texas.

What battle was Martin Perfecto de Cos in?

the Battle of San Jacinto
General Cos was one of the 730 Mexican soldiers taken prisoner in the Battle of San Jacinto. He was released after surrender, eventually returning to Mexico and an obscure military post in Tuxpan. He died in his birthplace of Veracruz, still serving his nation as a soldier and politician.

Who did Martin Perfecto de Cos marry?

Martín Perfecto de Cos (October 1, 1800 – October 1, 1854) was a 19th-century Mexican general. He was married to Lucinda López de Santa Anna, sister of Antonio López de Santa Anna.

What surrender terms did General Cos agree to?

In December, Cos finally surrendered his position to the rebels. He and his men were allowed passage home after signing terms to Edward Burleson agreeing to retire to the interior of the Mexican republic under parole of honor, and never again to invade Texas with arms. But it would not be his last trip to Texas.

What did General Cos do for Texas?

General Cos dispersed the legislature of Coahuila and Texas, then in session at Monclova, landed 300 men at Matagorda Bay, established headquarters in San Antonio, and declared his purpose of ending resistance in Texas. He intended to arrest several Texas critics of Santa Anna.

Why was Martin Perfecto de Cos sent to Texas?

What did Don Martin de Leon do in Texas?

The extended De León family included politicians and freedom fighters who helped alter the course of history both in Texas and in Mexico. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark number 6542, placed at Evergreen Cemetery in 1936, acknowledges Don Martin de León’s contribution to Texas.

What did General Cos want to do in Texas?

Where did Martin de Leon and his wife live?

De León and his wife Patricia de la Garza established De León’s Colony, the only predominantly Mexican colony in Texas. They founded the town of Villa de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Victoria Nombre de Jesús (now known as Victoria) on the Guadalupe River.