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What did Captain Smollett admit?

What did Captain Smollett admit?

(Indeed, Smollett admits that he has goaded Silver on purpose, reasoning that battle is probably inevitable and might as well be fought sooner rather than later, while they are alert and fresh.) As a result, Silver storms off in a rage, and Smollett is left to organize the defence of the stockade.

How does Captain Smollett feel about the map in chapters 7 9 of Treasure Island?

Summary: Chapter IX Smollett is very opinionated, and speaks openly about his dislike of most of the crew and about the fact that he has a bad feeling about the voyage. Smollett also adds that there has been too much blabbing about the map and the treasure, though Trelawney protests that he has told no one.

Why was Captain Smollett upset about the voyage?

Answer: Captain Smollett was unhappy because he was appointed in the ship. “Hispaniola”without prior information about the secret mission to get treasure. He did not like the crew members.

What happened Ben Gunn?

Still, even if Ben Gunn isn’t exactly an impressive figure, he is a survivor. Against all odds, he manages to live for three years on the island by himself, killing and preserving goat meat and looking tirelessly for Captain Flint’s treasure.

Is Captain Smollett a good captain?

Captain Smollett is a fine, upstanding gentleman and an excellent captain. He is immediately suspicious of his motley crew, but taken in by Long John Silver. He proves to be very brave and eventually retires on the money made from the treasure.

What did Captain Smollett do in Treasure Island?

Captain Smollett addresses the new crew with the rules and tells the first mate, Mr. Arrow, to take down all their names. Captain Smollett then goes to his cabin to speak with Livesey and Trelawney, stating how displeased he is with the fact that this whole voyage is a treasure hunt.

Who is the captain of the Hispaniola in Treasure Island?

When Jim, Trelawney, and Livesey board the Hispaniola, at the beginning of Chapter 9 (“Powder and Arms”), the captain (Mr. Smollett, referred to earlier as the “sailing master”) asks to speak with Trelawney, and Jim and the doctor stay in attendance. Smollett has complaints about the enterprise.

Why did captain Jim and his men win the Battle?

First, it is clear that the captain, Jim and his men have courage and moral strength: they are able to win the battle and keep the stockade safe from the pirates because they do not back down even when their backs are to the wall and the situation looks bleak.

What does Jim tell the Pirates at the end of Treasure Island?

He tells the pirates that they may choose whether to kill him or to spare his life, but if they let him live, he will try to help keep them from hanging. When Jim finally finishes his diatribe, none of the pirates move.