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Was Roberta Bondar the first Canadian woman in space?

Was Roberta Bondar the first Canadian woman in space?

Having earned those four degrees, including a PhD and an MD, Bondar took part in the STS-42 research mission in 1992, aboard the space shuttle Discovery. She became the first Canadian woman, as well as the first neurologist, to go to space.

How old was Roberta when she went to space?

“When I was eight years old to be a spaceman was the most exciting thing I could imagine.” A childhood dream to be an astronaut was realized when Dr. Roberta Bondar launched from Earth in January 1992 aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery as the first neurologist in space and Canada’s first female astronaut.

How long was Roberta Bondar in space?

8d 1h 44m
Roberta Bondar/Space time

What is Roberta Bondar job now?

She established The Roberta Bondar Foundation to educate people about environmental protection through art, and she currently serves as one of the organization’s directors. Astronaut Roberta Bondar, Canada’s first woman in space.

What did Roberta Bondar learn in space?

On Jan. 22, 1992, Roberta Bondar became the first neurologist—and coincidentally, Canada’s first woman—in space, joining the crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery on an eight-day mission. They studied eye motion, the inner ear, energy expenditure changes in balance and the after-effects of space flight.

Is there a school named after Roberta Bondar?

17, 2015, Dr. Roberta Bondar School was the name selected for the new Aspen Woods elementary school in the community of Strathcona Park. Dr.

When was Roberta Bondar born and when did she die?

The Canadian Encyclopedia, s.v. “Roberta Bondar”, Last Edited November 19, 2018, Roberta Lynn Bondar, CC, OOnt, FRSC , astronaut, neurologist, physician, educator, photographer (born 4 December 1945 in Sault Ste Marie, ON ).

What did Roberta Bondar do after her return from space?

After her return from space, Roberta Bondar left the Canadian Space Agency and continued her research. She also developed a new career as a nature photographer.

When did Roberta Bondar move to Ottawa Canada?

In February 1984, Bondar moved to Ottawa and began her astronaut training, which would eventually take her to NASA in Houston, Texas. While still in the astronaut program, she held other positions in Canadian universities and hospitals. Bondar quickly assumed an important role in Canada’s space industry.

Where did Roberta Bondar go to medical school?

She continued in higher education, earning a Master of Science in experimental pathology from the University of Western Ontario in 1971, a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Toronto in 1974, and a Doctor of Medicine from McMaster University in 1977.