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Is Sinterklaas the same as Santa Claus?

Is Sinterklaas the same as Santa Claus?

Technically both Sinterklaas and Santa Clause are the same figure, both based on Saint Nicholas of Myra. Hence they should, in theory, be of the same age, which would be 1737 (given that Nicholas was born in 270 A.D). However, both Santa and Sinterklaas never give an explicit answer when asked their age.

What do the Netherlands eat on Christmas?

Dutch Christmas dinners usually consist of venison, goose, hare, or turkey with plenty of vegetables and Kerstbrood (Christmas bread). The Dutch also celebrate by eating gourmetten, a hot plate on which diners place a set of mini pans containing their choice of meat or vegetables.

What do they call Santa Claus in Holland?

Black Pete (“Zwarte Piet”) has been a fixture in Netherlands celebrations for centuries. The black-faced helper, who hands out presents for the white “Sinterklaas” (St Nicholas) — the Dutch version of Santa Claus — has ignited a vehement storm.

How to say Merry Christmas in the Netherlands?

Christmas Greetings. These greetings (with rough translations) will get you through the holidays, sounding like a native Dutch speaker: Vrolijk Kerstfeest or Vrolijk Kerstmis (Happy Christmas party/feast) Prettige Kerstdagen or Prettig Kerstmis (Enjoyable Christmas Days/Merry Christmas)

When do Christmas decorations come down in the Netherlands?

These are often blown to celebrate Advent and Christ’s birth. Dutch Christmas Fact #24 – Dutch Christmas decorations come down on January 6th with the Feast of the Epiphany. Dutch Christmas Fact #25 – Beyond the Netherlands, Sinterklaas is also celebrated in Dutch territories like Aruba.

When does Sinterklaas arrive in the Netherlands for Christmas?

Sinterklaas Arrives by Boat While most Europeans begin celebrating Christmas on December 1st, the Dutch begin the first Saturday after November 11th when Sinterklaas arrives on a boat from Spain. Instead of a sleigh from the North Pole, Sinterklaas arrives on a boat from Spain called Pakjesboot.

What do Dutch people eat on Christmas morning?

(Remember the boomeranging back from our previous post?) Usually on Christmas morning (December 25th) people are having a wonderful breakfast with Almond Paste Bread, which has the funny name: kerststol in Dutch. It’s a luxurious raisin bread, filled with nuts, dried fruits and with a tube of almond paste in it.