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Is Quito Ecuador cold or hot?

Is Quito Ecuador cold or hot?

Many people assume that Quito is a hot city because of its proximity to the equator (just 25km away). However, due to the city’s altitude of 2,800m (9252ft) above sea level, the weather ranges from warm, sunny days to cold or windy temperatures mixed with rain.

What should I wear to Quito Ecuador?

Given that temperatures in Quito are fairly mild, but varied, it’s a good idea to dress in layers. A light shirt, a long sleeve shirt, sweater, or jacket; these are all good options to bring with you. You’ll be prepared for whatever the weather has in store on the day.

What is the weather like in Quito Ecuador?

As a rule the temperature usually varies according to the altitude. The farther up the mountains you go the cooler the air. Most areas of Ecuador also have a rainy and dry season. Quito and other high altitude cities tend to have cool, spring-like weather. It rains from time to time, mostly from October to May.

What is the weather like in El Oriente Ecuador?

El Oriente (the Amazon region of the east of the country) is also at sea level and also has a tropical climate. The weather here is a humid and rainy year round. Average daytime temperatures also hover around 80°F. The dry season varies, but is usually somewhere between December and March. August can also be drier than average.

What’s the weather like in the jungle in Ecuador?

Temperatures run in the upper seventies (25º C) during the day. It can get very humid and hot during periods without rain. Nights are cool and comfortable, especially when rain falls in the afternoon or at night. Deeper into the jungle the climate changes to even hotter and even more rain.

What’s the weather like in Salinas, Ecuador?

In Salinas, you can bump the average temperatures up about 10 degrees most of the year, but still, for a beach location on the equator, it, too, enjoys a fine climate, thanks to the cooling Humboldt currents that flow up from Peru. All over Ecuador you will have only two seasons…rainy and dry.