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How many people have died on Haleakala?

How many people have died on Haleakala?

Rank Park Name Death Total
41 Haleakala National Park 12
42 Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore 19
43 Rock Creek Park 21
44 Olympic National Park 29

What is unique about Haleakala National Park?

Haleakalā Information Haleakalā National Park preserves the outstanding volcanic landscape of the upper slopes of Haleakalā and protects the unique and fragile ecosystems of Kipahulu Valley, the scenic pools along Oheo Gulch, and many rare and endangered species.

Why do people go to Haleakala?

The name Haleakalā means “House of the Sun”, and it’s obvious why! With long, sunny days and breathtaking views, visitors often flock to this area to experience the sunrise.

How many volcanoes are in Haleakala National Park?

two volcanoes
Haleakala National Park contains one of two volcanoes that make up the island of Maui. The West Maui Mountains were the first volcano to rise above sea level some 2 million years ago. Haleakala is estimated to be around 1 million years old.

How many murders are there in national parks?

Compare these numbers to the national average: According to 1Point21 Interactive, there were a total of 2,727 deaths at the U.S. National Parks during the 12 year period—which comes out to an average of around eight deaths per 10 million visits.

What is Haleakala famous for?

Haleakala (meaning “House of the Sun” in Hawaiian) is a dormant shield volcano with one of the world’s largest volcanic craters. Its rim reaches an elevation of 10,023 feet (3,055 metres) at Red Hill on the southwest.

Is the road to Haleakala dangerous?

This is a scary drive with lots of switchbacks and hairpin turns. Not as narrow as the road to Hana but you are climbing very high. The views are outstanding as is the crater once you get there. Beware, it is very windy and cold at the top so go prepared.

Is Haleakala taller than Everest?

The peak of Haleakala National Park is 10,023ft (3,055m) above sea level. But that’s not all! There is still 19,680ft (5,998m) of mountain hidden below the ocean’s surface. This makes Haleakala taller than Mount Everest, by 675ft (205m), if you measure from the base to the summit.

When did Haleakala National Park become a National Park?

In 1961 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park became a separate park and Haleakala National Park was established as its own park, in the same year. In 1980 the park was granted status as an International Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Haleakala means ‘house of the sun’ when translated from Hawaiian to English.

How many people visit the National Park each year?

2019 by the Numbers. Find more highlights in the National Park Service’s news release about 2019 visitation numbers.. 327,516,619 recreation visits; 1,429,969,885 recreation visitor hours

Is the Haleakala Volcano an international Biosphere Reserve?

In 1980 the park was granted status as an International Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Haleakala means ‘house of the sun’ when translated from Hawaiian to English. Haleakala National Park is divided into two main regions, including the summit area of the dormant Haleakala volcano, and the coastal region of Kipahulu.

How tall is the highest peak in Haleakala?

Local legend suggests that Maui, a demigod, imprisoned the sun at Haleakala to make the day longer. Haleakala National Park has the highest peak in Maui, at 10,023 feet over sea level.