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How many counties are in the Trinity River basin?

How many counties are in the Trinity River basin?

The total drainage basin area is 17,969 square miles and includes all or part of thirty-seven counties. The population of the Trinity River Basin in 1980 was 3.2 million.

What is the Trinity River basin?

InThe Trinity Basin is the largest river basin whose water-shed area is entirely within the State of Texas and the third largest river in Texas by average flow volume. The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is located in the upper basin. In the lower basin, water is exported to the Houston area.

What cities does the Trinity River run through?

The River Streams Converge The West Fork of the Trinity rises in southern Archer County and flows southeast 180 miles through Jack, Wise, Tarrant, and Dallas counties and along the county line between Ellis and Kaufman counties, to its junction with the East Fork of the Trinity.

Where does Trinity River start and end?

Trinity Bay
Trinity River/Mouths
The Trinity River flows for about 550 miles from its headwaters in four forks located in North Texas, and ending at Trinity Bay on the Gulf of Mexico in Chambers County, near Houston.

Why is the Trinity River so dangerous?

Some debris, including large tree trunks, becomes lodged around trestles and bridges; some debris settles along the bottom of the river. Human beings are also adding to the risks by dumping tires, metal, plywood, garbage, furniture and other household items into the river.

What are the tributaries of the Trinity River?

Tributaries 1 Clear Fork of the Trinity River 2 East Fork of the Trinity River (Bois d’Arc River) 3 Elm Fork of the Trinity River 4 West Fork of the Trinity River 5 Bachman Branch 6 Cedar Creek 7 Mountain Creek 8 Fossil Creek (Texas) 9 Johnson Creek 10 Red Oak Creek

How big is the transboundary river basin in km?

The transboundary Mekong river basin has a total area of 795 000 km2, ranking it the twenty-first largest river basin worldwide, distributed between China (21 percent), Myanmar (3 percent), Lao People’s Democratic Republic (25 percent), Thailand (23 percent), Cambodia (20 percent) and Viet Nam (8 percent) (Table 1).

Who are the indigenous people of Trinity River?

The Wintu people are the first recorded indigenous group in the Trinity River area. Their traditional lands included much of the upper (eastern) Trinity River in the present day area of Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Where is the mouth of the Trinity River in Texas?

The Trinity crosses Texas State Highway 31 in Henderson County, near where the first county seat, Buffalo, was established. Roughly 65 miles (105 km) north of the mouth, an earthen dam was built in 1968 to form Lake Livingston.