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How many airports are in Bulgaria?

How many airports are in Bulgaria?

For more information about any of these airports click on the airport name. There are 14 Airports in Bulgaria and this list covers all these 14 Bulgaria Airports.

What is the name of the airport in Sofia?

Sofia Airport (IATA: SOF, ICAO: LBSF) (Bulgarian: Летище София, Letishte Sofiya) is the main international airport of Bulgaria, located 10 km (6.2 mi) east of the centre of the capital Sofia. In 2019 the airport surpassed 7 million passengers for the first time.

What is the main airport in Bulgaria?

Sofia Airport
Sofia Airport – IATA code SOF This is Bulgaria’s main international airport. It is also the largest and the busiest with almost 7 million passengers for the last year. Sofia Airport is home base for BH Air, Bulgaria Air and Bulgarian Air Charter. It is serviced by Lufthansa Technik-Sofia.

What airport do you fly into for Sunny Beach Bulgaria?

Bourgas Airport
You’ll land at Bourgas Airport, which is a 30-minute drive from Sunny Beach’s waterfront. On average, flight times top out at around four hours.

Is Bulgaria safe?

Bulgaria is a very safe country. It scores high marks on the Global Peace Index of 2020, has a generally low level of serious crime, no real political upsets, and a complete lack of any terrorist threat. It is quite a laid-back, friendly with a welcoming population of people.

What is the currency of Bulgaria?

Bulgarian lev
BGN is the currency code for the Bulgarian lev, which is the official currency of the country of Bulgaria. The currency code was BGL until 1999. The currency symbol is лв. The BGN is made up of 100 stotinki.

Is Sofia Airport near Sunny Beach?

Yes, the driving distance between Sofia Airport (SOF) to Sunny Beach Bus Station is 412 km. It takes approximately 3h 50m to drive from Sofia Airport (SOF) to Sunny Beach Bus Station.

What is the best time to visit Bulgaria?

The best time to visit Bulgaria is during the shoulder months from April – May, and September – October, as the weather will be pleasant, and the prices will be lower. The high season is summer, from June – August.

Why is Bulgaria so poor?

The IME says the biggest causes of deep poverty in Bulgaria are a lack of education and low wages. When the unemployed do manage to get work, they are paid on average only 18.4% more than they would receive on welfare benefits.

Can you drink the tap water in Bulgaria?

Tap water is safe to drink all over the country but not always pleasant in taste or appearance. Bulgaria’s vast supplies of mineral water are widely available in 0.5 litre and 1.5 litre bottles. They are very tasty and not expensive.

Is it cheap in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe. You can do a lot on a tight budget, and even most of the country’s attractions (like museums and historical sites) are cheap.

Do you need a visa for Bulgaria?

you can travel to Bulgaria for up to 90 days in any 180-day period without a visa. Visits to Bulgaria do not count towards your 90-day visa-free limit in the Schengen area. to stay longer, to work or study, for business travel or for other reasons, you will need to meet the Bulgarian government’s entry requirements.

Where is the main airport in Sofia Bulgaria?

Sofia Airport (IATA: SOF, ICAO: LBSF) (Bulgarian: Летище София, Letishte Sofiya) is the main international airport of Bulgaria, located 10 km (6.2 mi) east of the centre of the capital Sofia.

What kind of weather does Sofia Airport have?

During the winter months, the airport, located on a high alluvial plain surrounded by mountains, suffers from very significant and frequent fog precipitation. In such circumstances, flights are redirected to diversion airports in Bulgaria or neighbouring countries, lengthening journeys by many hours.

How much does it cost to run Sofia Airport?

On 3 June 2016, the Bulgarian government launched a tender for the operation of Sofia Airport. Expected to bring in 1.2 billion lev (600 million euro) to the state over 35 years, the tender has reportedly attracted interest from the operators of airports in Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, Lyon,…

Is there a state of emergency at Sofia Airport?

Take advantage of the Sofia Airport offices for airline tickets. Over 70 airlines operate in a global market under the most favorable conditions. Due to the state of emergency declared in the country because of COVID-19, only passengers will be admitted to the two terminal buildings at the airport.