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How far is Albuquerque from the Colorado border?

How far is Albuquerque from the Colorado border?

378 miles / 608 km.

What towns are between Albuquerque and Colorado Springs?

Raton (New Mexico) 39 miles from the halfway point.

  • Taos Pueblo. 53 miles from the halfway point.
  • Taos. 54 miles from the halfway point.
  • Trinidad (Colorado) 56 miles from the halfway point.
  • Springer (New Mexico) 1 mile from the halfway point.

    What is the closest city in Colorado to Albuquerque?

    3 major cities are near Albuquerque; Farmington being the closest is 180.7 miles or 290.7 kilometers away. Albuquerque is also near the Colorado state border; Denver in Colorado is 448.6 miles or 722 kilometers away….Albuquerque Distances.

    Nearby Location(s): 17
    Nearest Location: 3.4 Mi (5.5 Km)

    How far is the New Mexico border from Colorado?

    How much does it take?

    Travel With Mile Distance Duration
    Car 580 Mi 8 hours 52 mins

    What is halfway between Colorado Springs and Albuquerque?

    The city at the geographic halfway point from Colorado Springs, CO to Albuquerque, NM is Eastdale, Colorado.

    What towns are close to Colorado Springs?

    Cities near Colorado Springs, Colorado:

    • Fort Carson, CO.
    • Cimarron Hills, CO.
    • Air Force Academy, CO.
    • Fountain, CO.
    • Black Forest, CO.
    • Canon City, CO.
    • Castle Rock, CO.
    • Pueblo, CO.

    Is New Mexico next to Colorado?

    Located in the Southwestern Region of the United States, New Mexico is surrounded by land along each of its borders. Situated directly south of Colorado, New Mexico shares borders with four other U.S. states along with Mexico to the south. These states include Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.