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How far are ski resorts from San Diego?

How far are ski resorts from San Diego?

All the ski resorts listed here are within 100 miles of downtown Los Angeles and 150 miles from San Diego, with the exception of Mammoth Mountain, which is just over 300 and 400 miles, respectively.

Where is the closest snow to San Diego?


  • JULIAN, CA. Almost every year Julian California gets at least a little bit of snow during the wintertime.

How far is the closest ski resort to LA?

Snow Summit is the closest ski resort to Big Bear Lake Village and just 104 miles (or a little over two hours) from Los Angeles.

What mountains can you see from San Diego?

The Laguna Mountains are a mountain range of the Peninsular Ranges System in eastern San Diego County, southern California….

Laguna Mountains
State California
District San Diego County
Range coordinates 32°48′30.187″N 116°26′57.061″WCoordinates: 32°48′30.187″N 116°26′57.061″W

Where can I play in the snow in San Diego?

A bit closer to San Diego than Julian, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park is a great stop for an afternoon of snow. Park in legal turnouts along the highway for free or enter the park with a day pass. Better yet, stop here for snow fun and then head to Julian for apple pie and hot cocoa.

Where do people go skiing in LA?

Known as “Southern California’s closest winter resort,” Mountain High is truly the closest option for snowboarding and skiing near Los Angeles. Clocking in at just a 1.5-hour drive from Los Angeles, Southern Californians can easily visit Mountain High as a day trip from most areas nearby.

Is Mount Baldy good for beginners?

Mount Baldy is not ideal for beginners, but 20 percent of the runs are beginner-level. This resort is mostly for intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders. Mount Baldy also offers tubing and just playing in the snow, which can be quite a novelty for Southern California natives.

Which is the best ski resort in San Diego?

Although much farther than the rest (about 7 hours from San Diego), Mammoth Mountain is the best resort in Southern California and arguably one of the best in the west. Mammoth is HUGE and it just might be worth driving the extra hours if you have the weekend.

Where is the best place to snowboard in San Diego?

Mountain High is another fantastic location to snowboard and ski and is only located 120 miles from San Diego. The mountain offers 3 resorts, and cater to different riding styles and skill levels.

Which is the closest ski resort to San Francisco?

It’s due north of Dodge Ridge and takes about 20 minutes more in drive time to get there, but the snow is a bit more reliable. In terms of skiable acreage, Bear Valley is smaller than Sugar Bowl and Sierra-at-Tahoe but bigger than the other resorts on this list.

Where are the best ski areas in Los Angeles?

With the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountain ranges nearby you can score plenty of fresh powder throughout winter, or even go the extra mile for deeper snow and bigger terrain in the Sierra Nevadas!