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How do you say cute girl in German?

How do you say cute girl in German?

pretty girl

  1. Schnuckelchen, das ~ Noun.
  2. schönes Mädchen, das ~ Noun.

What does Schnucki mean in German?

Schnucki {n} [ugs.] darling. sweetie pie [coll.]

What does Hasi mean in German?

Schatz (der) Jewel, gem or treasure. Who should you use it for, and how popular is it? Schatz is the most common German term of endearment, according to surveys. Couples all over the country call each other this pet name or one of its many cute forms, such as Schätzchen (little treasure) or Schatzi (little treasure).

How do you call your girlfriend in German?

10 German nicknames to call your sweetheart

  1. Maus (mouse) Mice aren’t exactly the sweetest creatures around.
  2. Hase (bunny)
  3. Bärchen (little bear)
  4. Mausebär (mouse bear)
  5. Schnecke (snail)
  6. Schnucki (no English translation)
  7. Perle (pearl)
  8. Liebling (darling)

How do you say Beautiful Girl in different languages?

This is the translation of the word “beautiful girl” to over 100 other languages….Saying Beautiful girl in European Languages.

Language Ways to say beautiful girl
Dutch mooi meisje Edit
Estonian ilus tüdruk Edit
Finnish kaunis tyttö Edit
French belle fille Edit

Are there any words for cute in German?

German words for cute include niedlich, nett, süß, putzig, goldig, lieb, schnuckelig, pfiffig, schlau and puppig. Find more German words at!

What do Germans call the person they love?

The trouble is, there’s no exact English translation for it. It’s merely a cute-sounding word the Germans made up to dote on the people they love. Try it out on your sweetheart and see what happens!

What do you Call Your Sweetheart in Germany?

You might want to consider using some of these German terms of endearment for your sweetheart. Careful, though — not all of them sound flattering, and they might take some getting used to. 10 German nicknames to call your sweetheart | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW |

What’s the best nickname for a German girl?

The term is also a favorite for small children (which, admittedly, have more in common with the tiny animals). In that case, the diminutive, “Mäuschen,” is most appropriate. As you can imagine, “Hase” is also more commonly used for women than men.