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How do I place an order at mcdonalds?

How do I place an order at mcdonalds?

How can I order at McDonald’s? Go up to the cashier when it is your turn in line, and ask them for what you want to eat. Then pay and wait until your food is ready.

Can you order on the McDonald’s app for Drive Thru?

MCDONALD’S has made it easy for fast-food fans to browse menu favourites, and order from your phone with its free app. You can use the app to order and pay contact-free with options to pick-up via drive-thru, or park up and wait for it to be brought to you in a click and serve bay.

Is McDonald’s taking orders?

We are closely monitoring all local, state and federal regulations to provide customers with a contactless pickup experience. As a result of these regulations, restaurants are only serving customers through the Drive Thru, with Mobile Order and Pay on McDonald’s Global Mobile App, and with McDelivery®.

How does Mcdonald’s Drive Thru work?

“There is a camera and it takes a picture of you and your car,” she said. The 17-year-old explained that the orders are handed to the correct customer thanks to a handy camera. After an order is placed, a camera takes a snap of the car, linking it to the order.

Can you call in an order at McDonald’s?

It’s easy! Once you’ve placed an order in the App, you can check in at any participating McDonald’s restaurant to complete your order and pick up your meal.

Do you have to pre order Mcdonalds drive-thru?

McDonald’s is urging customers to pre-order their food using its app to help speed up ‘mile-long’ drive-though queues. Once customers reach the front of the queue they need to order and then pay before picking up their food – but these two windows can be skipped if orders are placed in advance on the app.

How do you use Mcdonalds app deals in drive-thru?

You can use this in the drive through or in the restaurant. When you order tap on redeem option on the offer you want to use and show the cashier the QR code on your screen. Alternately they may ask for the short code below it. That’s all there is to using the McDonald’s App to get free food.

How do I order home delivery from mcdonalds?

  1. Download the My McDonald’s, Uber Eats or Just Eat app.
  2. Search for your local McDonald’s and browse.
  3. Order some of your favourites and have them delivered. Contact-free from pick-up to drop off. Find out if McDelivery® is available in your area. Find Out More. Start an order with the My McDonald’s app from.

How does McDonald’s Drive Thru work?