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Do you get a medal for going to Antarctica?

Do you get a medal for going to Antarctica?

Civilian participants who deploy to an Antarctic research station or vessel and remain south of 60 degrees South latitude are eligible to receive an Antarctica Service Medal and Certificate from the National Science Foundation.

Is the US Army in Antarctica?

Because the Antarctic Treaty, which came into effect on June 23, 1961, bans military activity in Antarctica, military personnel and equipment may only be used for scientific research or any other peaceful purpose (such as delivering supplies) on the continent.

Does the Arctic Service Ribbon have a medal?

The ribbon is authorized to any member of the U.S. Navy or United States Marine Corps for service above the Arctic Circle. Like the Antarctica Service Medal, it may also be awarded to civilians and members of other U.S. services….

Navy Arctic Service Ribbon
Equivalent Coast Guard Arctic Service Medal

How many polar medals have been awarded?

A total of 880 silver and 245 bronze medals have been issued for Antarctic expeditions. Another 73 silver medals have been issued for service in the Arctic.

How do you get the Antarctica Service Medal?

To qualify for the Antarctica Service Medal, personnel must train or serve ten days stationed on the Antarctic continent, or aboard vessels in Antarctic waters, defined as south of 60 degrees latitude.

Did I get an Armed Forces Service Medal?

The AFSM may be awarded to service members who, on or after June 1, 1992: Participate, or have participated, as members of U.S. military units, in a designated U.S. military operation deemed to be a significant activity. Encounter no foreign armed opposition or imminent hostile action.

How do you get an Antarctic Service Medal?

Is the Imperial Service medal still awarded?

The Imperial Service Medal (ISM) is a medal affiliated with the Imperial Service Order….

Imperial Service Medal
Established 8 August 1902
Last awarded Still awarded. (Discontinued in Australia since 1993)
Ribbon bar of the medal
Order of Wear

Why is Captain Scott wearing a medal?

The Polar Medal was instituted in September 1904 to reward the participants in Captain Robert F. Scott’s successful first expedition to the Antarctic region.

What was the purpose of the Antarctica medal?

The medal was intended as a military award to replace several commemorative awards which had been issued for previous Antarctica expeditions from 1928 to 1941. With the creation of the Antarctica Service Medal, the following commemorative medals were declared obsolete;

Can a civilian wear the Antarctica Service Medal?

The Antarctica Service Medal is considered an award of the United States Armed Forces, issued in the name of the U.S. Department of Defense, and is authorized for wear on active duty uniforms. The medal may also be awarded to U.S. civilians, but after the initial award, the civilian should only wear the miniature or…

How big is the service ribbon in Antarctica?

The service ribbon is ​ 1 3⁄8 inches wide and consists of a ​ 3⁄16 -inch black stripe on each edge and graded from a white stripe in the center to a pale blue, light blue, greenish blue, and medium blue. The outer bands of black and dark blue represent five months of Antarctic darkness; the center portion,…

How many days of service do you get in Antarctica?

Flight crews performing transport missions to Antarctica qualify for one day of service for each flight mission performed within a 24-hour time period.