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Do people live along the Ganges river?

Do people live along the Ganges river?

In modern times, the Ganges River has become a source of life for the nearly 400 million people living in its basin. Today, the Ganges River basin is the most populated river basin in the world. It has a population density of about 1,000 people per square mile (390 per sq km).

Who lives in the Ganges river?

The Ganges (Ganga) River runs through northern India and is sacred to those who follow Hinduism. More than four hundred million people in India live in the area that feeds the river, known as the Ganges River Basin.

How many people live on the river Ganges?

400 million people
Today, the Ganges river basin is the most populated river basin in the world with 400 million people. It has a population density of about 390 people per km2. Many Hindus visit the Ganges river in Varanasi, which is considered the holiest of cities.

What percent of people lives along the Ganges river?

About 400 million people- almost one-third of the country’s population- live in the Ganges river basin, and the river provides water for 40 percent of India’s population.

How is the Ganges river used by humans?

Humans use the Ganges River for many different things including bathing, drinking and irrigation. Due to heavy pollution, it has become a health hazard to bathe in or drink the water from the river. However there are people who ignore the warnings and use the river regardless of potential health issues.

How many people live in the Ganges River Delta?

About 120 million people live on the Ganges Delta under the threat of repeated catastrophic floods due to heavy runoff of meltwater from the Himalayas and due to the intense rainfall during the monsoon season. This image was acquired by the Landsat 7 satellite on February 28, 2000.

Is the Ganges River the longest river in India?

It is the longest river in India and flows for around 1,569 miles (2,525 km) from the Himalayan Mountains to the Bay of Bengal. The river has the second greatest water discharge in the world, and its basin is the most heavily populated in the world with over 400 million people living in it.

Who was the first person to live in the Gangetic Plain?

The Ganges River basin has been inhabited by humans since ancient times. The first people in the region were of the Harappan civilization. They moved into the Ganges River basin from the Indus River basin around the 2nd millennium B.C.E. Later the Gangetic Plain became the center of the Maurya Empire and then the Mughal Empire.