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Did the Native Americans help the French?

Did the Native Americans help the French?

First off, not all Native Americans supported the French during the colonial wars. Most Algonquian speakers supported the French and most Iroquois supported the English. The Iroquois were positioned to control trade via the Great Lakes. Algonquian speakers were able to go around them and deal directly with Europeans.

How did France affect the Native Americans?

The French: Instead of enslaving Native Americans in farming and mining operations, the French exploited existing inter-tribal alliances and rivalries to establish trade relationships with the Huron, Montagnais, and Algonquins along the St. Lawrence River and further inland toward the Great Lakes.

Why did the Native American side with the French?

The French had far more American Indian allies than the English because they were more successful at converting the various tribes to Christianity and they focused more on trading than on settling North America, so the American Indians saw them as less of a threat to their land and resources.

How did the French colonists treat the natives?

In contrast to colonial England and Spain, the French colonists fully incorporated the natives into their economic system. The natives did not work for the French colonists or have their lands taken by whites. The religious practices of colonial France were also unlike those of England and Spain.

Who was involved in the French and Indian War?

The French and Indian war was fought between three sides; the British, the French, and the Native Americans. Alliances: The Native Americans did not have their own side in this war.

Why did the French come to North America?

When the French first came to North America in the 1530s they were primarily interested in the North American fur trade. The Native Americans in the region, who were experienced fur traders, began accompanying the French on hunting trips, instructing them on where to find fur animals in the North American forests.

Why did the British and French push the Indians out?

The British and French were both pushing out the Indians while trying to expand their land. The British was pushing from the east and the French were pushing from the east. The Native Americans were stuck in the middle of the two countries and felt squeezed.