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Are there any dangerous volcanoes in the world?

Are there any dangerous volcanoes in the world?

And although those volcano eruptions are not part of a trend, experts have said, the volcanoes in question are far from the only dangerous ones in the world.

Which is the most dangerous volcano in Mexico?

Active Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico. Located only 40 miles away from Mexico City, Popocatépetl is scary because of the fact that it did not have a massive eruption yet. The last activity was seen in 1994 when smoke started to come out of the mountain’s top.

Which is the most dangerous volcano in Indonesia?

Indonesian island in the archipelago of Krakatau has already displayed what kind of a danger an active volcano represents. In 1883, four enormous explosions happened in Krakatoa, and they destroyed more than 70% of the whole island. The blasts were so powerful they could have been heard more than 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles) away.

Which is the most populated volcano in the world?

This makes it the most densely populated volcanic region in the entire world. Mt. Vesuvius is the only volcano to have erupted on the European mainland within the last hundred years, and is probably most famous for its massive eruption in 79 AD, when it buried the cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii. 3.

What was the deadliest volcano eruption?

In 1815, Mount Tambora erupted on Sumbawa, an island of modern-day Indonesia. Historians regard it as the volcano eruption with the deadliest known direct impact: roughly 100,000 people died in the immediate aftermath.

Which is the second deadliest volcano in the world?

Ruiz was the second deadliest volcanic disaster of the 20th century, surpassed only by the 1902 eruption of Mount Pelée on the island of Martinique. But only one notch higher on the explosivity index than Ruiz, Mount Pelée claimed 28,000 lives shortly after erupting.

Which is the largest volcanic eruption in the world?

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